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EIPA Migration series: Connecting intelligence by sharing ideas

The impact of the ever-increasing influx of refugees into Europe is most strongly felt in local cities & towns as the burden for integrating these people sits in local communities. This task becomes more challenging as a result of:

  • not having direct control or decision making power over the number of refugees they will have to take on
  • the amount of funding dedicated to facilitate urban planning to accommodate these migrants and funding for other services to support their integration into the community
  • increasing lack of political will in favour of diversity
  • wider fiscal pressures resulting in budget cuts across public services
Given these constraints, local government greatly increases its chance of success by working effectively with relevant stakeholders to facilitate the successful integration of refugees.

EIPA wants to create a movement where local government civil servants and other ‘caring influentials’ can share ideas, best practices and innovative solutions for integrating refugees. We aim to kick-start this movement in a 1-hour online session, bringing together local government civil servants from across EU countries to leverage our collective intelligence for innovative solutions. Specifically we aim to stimulate an energising, inspiring and engaging online discussion, sharing amongst us the practices local government can adopt to engage stakeholders such as:
  • Private sector for innovative solutions improving labour market integration
  • Civil society & civil society organisations for innovative solutions on housing, local language & culture
  • Media for innovative solutions addressing public attitude and anti-discrimination
  • How to productively engage & influence elected public officials
What can you expect?
  • 1 hour (free of charge) anonymous written online brainstorm moderated by EIPA with the support of its partners (ELP & Synthetron)
  • inspiring & energising discussion with a selected European crowd of local government civil servants
  • participate from your own PC. You won’t have to install anything; you only need a stable Internet connection
  • exclusive first access to the full report with a synthesis of all the inputs and summarising the top innovative solutions.

Click here for details.

This report will serve as the basis to explore, together with you, how to expand this movement, for example by organising more in-depth follow-up sessions.

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