Studying at the European Centre for Judges and Lawyers

Student community
The European Centre for Judges and Lawyers (ECJL) attracts graduates from each of the 28 Member States of the European Union and beyond, and ensures that a variety of professions as well as nationalities are represented, making for a vibrant student community that reflects a wide range of different cultures and perspectives. The ECJL aims to provide all of its postgraduate students with a truly diverse academic experience combined with practical know-how, allowing them to engage in group discussions, inter-active learning sessions and a rich exchange of views on key issues relating to European law.

Venue & Facilities
The new MELS Online combines face-to-face sessions with e-Learning and self-studies at home.
Face-to-face tuition will be given on specific weekends per academic semester (from 3 to 4 weekends per semester, starting at 14.00 on Friday afternoons and ending at 12.30 on Sunday mornings) and take place at the premises of ECJL (Circuit de la Foire Internationale 2, L-1347 Luxembourg). As a Master student you will have access to materials which you will need to support your studies, including a wide range of books available at the ECJL, as well as journals and other publications accessible via the Université de Lorraine online Documentation Centre. Wireless internet access is available throughout the ECJL.

Via the ‘Campus’ – the Master e-Learning platform - students access a virtual classroom, and are provided with syllabi, assignments, readings, recorded tutorials, web-meetings, and guidance for self-study. They are also able to participate in online interactive discussion fora, and can communicate with fellow students on various aspects related to the programme.

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Parallel Legal Activities
Each year, the European Centre for Judges and Lawyers organises 15 to 20 seminars and colloquia on topical issues relating to European law. Students in the Master programme will have the opportunity to participate in these seminars at a special rate, subject to availability.

After graduating, students of the Master in European Legal Studies will have the opportunity to continue exchanging views and professional experiences on European law amongst each other and with EIPA itself by means of the Master alumni network.