European study visit programme (EN/ES)

Having over 30 years of experience, EIPA is the perfect partner to guide and support the development and knowledge of non-EU countries in the fields of European public management, EU policies, decision-making, EU law, regional and EuroMed activities. The European study visit programme is specially developed for continued education, retraining and upgrading of the professional skills of civil servants from non-EU countries. We have a long track record in organising study visits which enable participants to obtain a deep understanding of how Europe works. This is achieved through the delivery of a combination of expert lectures, visits to European institutions, and country-specific regional administrations.

Define your objectives
The purpose of this programme is to give non-European civil servants an opportunity to get a better view and a broader understanding of processes within the European Union. The programme is designed to provide a collaborative and stimulating environment for learning, offering an overall view, which, by showing contrasts, reflects European policies, whilst strengthening the capacity of your public civil servants to perform effectively.

EIPA will facilitate the exchange of information and expertise in areas of common interest as described in the below-mentioned focus areas. The study visit will help participants to consider the approaches followed within the European Union and to compare them. It will provide civil servants and their policy-makers with better and up-to-date information concerning European topical areas. The programme incorporates a strong European dimension through the nature of activities organised, such as visits to European institutions, governmental organisations and local or regional governments.

Choose your focus areas
The focus areas of the study visit programme are or can be:

  • European Public Management: this area deals with the question of how European integration and changes are influencing public administration in the Member States. Topics include change management, quality management, human resource management, relations with the private sector, e-Government, coordination and implementation tools, and communication.
  • European Decision-Making: EIPA aims to help public officials to both understand how European decisions are reached and how to participate in policy-making processes. Topics include impact assessment, European negotiations, committees and comitology, Council Presidency and European information.
  • European policies: EIPA deals with all EU issues related to the internal market, including public procurement, agriculture, competition, trade, regional and monetary policies, environment and migration.

Create your own programme
EIPA offers a basic programme which can be adjusted to your specific needs. The programme will consist of seminars, meetings, visits, study/cultural tours, discussions and round tables. EIPA can arrange a full study visit package that includes the arrangements for accommodation, meals, transport and study materials.

Click for an example programme in English or Spanish.

English Study VisitVisitas de estudio

For more information and a price quote fitting your needs, please contact:

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