EIPA provides consultancy to European public administrations and agencies in the areas of Quality Management, public sector performance, organisational and human resource development and in the management of European policies.

In this context we can provide solutions ranging from coaching, conducting in-depth organisational and business process analyses, writing perceptive reports and providing key recommendations on a wide range of issues. We deliver strategic advice and partner client organisations in action-oriented business support programmes. We draw on extensive networks of experts, consultants, public administration and EU experts and other education, training and research institutes and organisations.


Individual support to Member State institutions and Mandated Bodies for the preparation of Twinning proposals

We support you in preparing and implementing your winning Twinning proposal

EU Twinning projects offer excellent opportunities for EU Member States to engage strategically with pre-accession countries and other partners in the EU’s neighbourhood. Creating close links with partner administrations and spreading your own best practices abroad is an important investment for the future.

However, winning a Twinning project requires more than competence and engagement. You have to make a thorough assessment of the partner’s needs, interests and sensitivities – as well as be able to convince your potential partner (and the European Commission) about the competitive advantage of your proposal. Good preparation, intercultural skills and a fine antenna for local sensitivities are therefore of crucial importance.

Since it started offering trainings on Twinning in 2007, the European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA) has built up a strong reputation as a centre of relevant expertise. Every year, an increasing number of civil servants, representatives of mandated bodies and of beneficiary countries are being trained in Maastricht on how to prepare successful Twinning projects. These trainings, conducted by experienced Twinning practitioners, are focused on the transmission of practical skills that enable participants not only to prepare high quality project proposals, but also to present these projects in a convincing manner during the oral selection procedure (the so-called ‘beauty contest’), which is a crucial factor in every Twinning selection.

In 2016 EIPA is offering a new tailor-made service of training and coaching/mentoring for government institutions and mandated bodies. An experienced member of the EIPA Twinning team will join you in your organisation for as long as you consider necessary (at least one day). He/she will deliver a training session (general or specific) on the Twinning approach, as well as mentor/advise your team on drafting your proposal and/or preparing the oral presentation. In addition, EIPA offers strategic support for drafting the Twinning contract and during the implementation of your project.

The content of the training will be tailor-made, and may include some of the following components:

  • General presentation – why is Twinning so different from other capacity-building instruments?
  • Understanding the roles of the National Contact Point, the European Commission, the EU Delegation, the (P)AO and the beneficiaries in Twinning.
  • Analysing the Twinning fiche (reading between the lines).
  • Setting up a consortium and drafting a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) – how to identify the right partner?
  • Defining the strategy – how can we highlight the added value of our country/institution for a given Twinning project?
  • Critical reading of the Twinning proposal and recommendations for improvement (form and content).
  • Preparing for the ‘beauty contest’: constructing a convincing narrative.
  • Coaching for the ‘beauty contest’: does and don’ts (individual feedback).
  • Assistance for drafting the Twinning contract.
  • Support during the technical and financial implementation of the Twinning project.
  • Troubleshooting during the implementation of Twinning projects.

The above-mentioned activities are normally conducted in English. However, according to the desires of the beneficiaries, they can also be conducted in one of the following languages: FR, DE, NL, PL, LT, RU

Avoiding conflicts of interest
Only one country or consortium can win a Twinning contract. Therefore, EIPA will never accept to assist more than one bidder in the preparation of a given project.

Depending on type of activity, timing and location. Please ask us for an individual offer.

Wolfgang Koeth

Wolfgang Koeth

Senior Lecturer
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