EU Law Approximation and Implementation : topic experts

Peter Goldschmidt (DK)
Expert; Director of the European Centre for Judges and Lawyers
Fields of Specialisation: Coordination of national preparation and implementation of EC and EU policies and law; EC competition and merger control law; training needs analysis, evaluation of training and training-of-trainers; EU, international and accession negotiations; EU enlargement and law approximation; the administration of justice.
Virgil Ivan-Cucu (RO)
Senior Lecturer
Fields of Specialisation: EU area of freedom security and justice; EU and international criminal law; EU judicial cooperation in criminal matters; reform of justice and security systems; prevention of and combating organised crime corruption and terrorism; e-Justice.
Petra Jeney (HU)
Senior Lecturer
Fields of Specialisation: Area of freedom, security and justice in the European Union; EU judicial cooperation (particularly civil matters); EU family law; EU constitutional law issues; aspects of quality of justice.
Tomasz Kramer (PL)
Fields of Specialisation: The internal market, notably the free movement of persons and services and freedom of establishment; EPSO recruitment proceduresand staff regulations of EU Institutions; EU company law and EU competition law.