General Overview

European Policies Unit

The European Policies Unit is EIPA's centre of expertise on the internal market, public procurement, competition and state aid, structural funds and regional policy, external relations (CFSP/ENP) and trade, environmental policy and climate change and migration.

This Unit has a broad range of activities which can be divided into the following categories: seminars organised in Maastricht, seminars organised in the Member States that request them, advisory and consultancy services, research and publications.

Core modules
The main modules of the European Policies Unit are the following: 
  • European Public Procurement: We offer general seminars for practitioners and special seminars on topics such as the Remedies Directive, recent legislative initiatives and defence procurement. 
  • Cohesion Policy and Structural Funds: Our activities cover the programming and management of Structural Funds and the application of the relevant regulations.
  • State Aid: We provide a variety of seminars ranging from basic training on State Aid rules to specialised master classes based on analysis of important Commission decisions and Court rulings.
  • Environmental Policy: Our seminars explain the management and coordination of European Environmental Policy within national administrations.
  • External Relations (CFSP/ENP): We organise training for diplomats and other EU officials covering various aspects of diplomatic practice, regional challenges and horizontal issues such as counter-terrorism and the European Neighbourhood Policy.
  • Migration: Our seminars explain EU rules and their implementation and assess the major policy challenges on management of migrants.